I love to explore fantasies, roleplays and psychological games. I'm analytically minded and interested in what lies within the deeper layers of our sexuality. The brain is my favourite sex organ, and using my words, hands, and tools to create both harsh and subtle sensations - I'll play you like a harp.


Active participation on your part (unless our game is of your complete objectification) is a pleasure for me and I wholeheartedly enjoy using  a responsive sub. I tend to think of power exchange like a dance – me as your domme leading you, and you in your submission following me.


I am a traveller and creative, and see femdom as an evolved art form – taking sexuality to the next level. It has the potential, not only to give you deeper erotic experiences, but to grow an understanding of yourself, heal and become stronger.


We can trespass the confines of society with our fetish play, subvert stereotypical gender norms, heteronormative pressures and cliches. Fears faced, challenges accomplished, secret desires finally realised – all within the safe space I grant you. The after effects you feel from our sessions will leave a lasting impression on you, a kind of catharsis. Through the scenes I conduct, you may discover more of yourself.


I don't need you to be experienced to come and play with me, however. I can teach you the steps to that dance, bring out your shadow self with my honed intuition. So long as you come to me with a desire to know, I will show you the path.


I can guide you and help you to build confidence if you are new to bottoming/submission, or BDSM in general. For the nervous - I like to give the analogy of a skydive – you may be frightened at first, but if you take the plunge you will find that journey wonderful and the view is more than worth it. You will come back with the knowledge and confidence that you explored this with me.


Kink is a journey, and I believe you can learn self discipline through the ritual of service, and learn integrity through the gift of femme superiority. Purely for the sake of my own pleasure, I enjoy torturing subs with electro, bringing you into a meditative state through restrictive bondage, and penetration in all forms – in your mouth, your ass, with my hands, dildos, gags and strap-ons. CBT and ballbusting are also a big turn on for me – light to hard, it does not matter. Softer sessions have the power to be as profound as heavier sessions - what really gets me off is your reactions.


There are two main driving factors in my topping – one is lust, the desire to witness your devotion, suffering, pure joy from my sexual dominance over you. The other is psychosexual – treatment of the ego and nurture of the mind through coaching you. If you have ghosts in the closet, we can take them out and greet them together. Very often these motivations overlap.

Berlin Based Professional Dominatrix, BDSM practitioner and fetishist.

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