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The subtlest touch can resonate as much as the harshest.

The sound of my voice. Your heartbeat. The space between us.

Some see kink as therapeutic, a place for letting go. Some of us want to have an adventure and explore new facets of our sexuality. Maybe you feel you are pushed to perform a certain role or certain behaviours in your everyday sex life – and a session with me as your mistress gives you the space to subvert these roles and try out fresh desires.


Some of us want to build a skill or have some kind of coaching. And other times, we simply want to let go, and have a red hot, filthy experience. All of these reasons are as valid as each other and you may find some unexpected pleasures even if there is just a few kinks or fetishes you initially came to share with me.


Modern life can be stressful, and around us we may find our daily commitments draining our energy. Booking a session with me is time dedicated to you, guidance to help you recharge and feel refreshed again.


I am always evolving and I look at every session with fresh eyes and enthusiasm. I will push you deeper into your desires, whilst honouring your boundaries. I gladly work with persons of any gender and cater to all levels of experience.