The subtlest touch can resonate as much as the harshest.

The sound of my voice. Your heartbeat. The space between us.

I am an educated, creative dominant who lived in cities across Europe before settling in the fetish capital of Berlin. Ever since childhood I have had a defiant streak and a penchant for adventure, and these inclinations are still a driving force in my life's philosophy.


I could have travelled many paths, but rather determinedly chose to explore the more evolved erotic arts of BDSM. It is here in Germany that I refine the essence of my kink practice in the role of pro domme.


I holds my sessions in a luxury dominatrix studio, fast to travel to and yet far from the bustle of tourists in the city centre, and where longer educational stays are also possible.


The location boasts themed spaces to cater to every taste – from an authentic clinic to a dedicated latex room, a prison for my captives and a throne at which to worship me.