Clothed dominant, naked submissive – unless I'm dressing you up for our game intentionally. I don't do naked domination, or skimpy clothing/lingerie. This is part of my mindset for domination, how I set the tone with regards to power dynamics, and an important part of my ritual. I love to wear silks, leather, latex, and over the knee boots.




You'll need to get a bit more inventive than “Hi” in your initial contact with me if you wish to pique my interest. Writing a brief message about your desires in the application goes a long way in my consideration. An indication of your potential dates to visit is ideal, too. Wondering what to write? Don't overthink it - you are writing to someone new online, so be curteous and honest about what you look for. We can get into more detail once I've replied.


Please try to contact me in advance of our session, especially if you wish a longer or more elaborate play. You may call my mobile regarding last minute sessions, however I cannot guarantee. Do not repeatedly message me before I have replied to your first message - I'll trash your messages and filter you to spam.




We will exchange emails or a phone call before your session, and I expect you to conduct yourself in a polite manner should you wish to play with me. Longer sessions require a deposit, and I always expect a confirmation call or email the day before your visit.


Double Sessions:


I am available to play with another domme or submissive – you may have the chance to play alongside a pro slave, or to be co-topped by myself and another deviant mistress. Please call or mail in advance if you wish to book, all of us need to negotiate and I want you to get the most out of your experience with us. I am a bisexual mistress and practicing non-monogamist - so I may also entertain a request to play with you and your partner.


Can I touch you?


As a practising dominatrix, touch goes “one way” in my sessions unless we have explicitly negotiated a game in which you can touch me – e.g. footworship. I adore facesitting, but you have to breathe Her through the panties.



I'm very open minded about kinks – however any games involving facist elements or anti-semitism, I do not consider open minded – so please leave any of these games out of my inbox, and don't call me either. (Yup, I'm based in Germany, so have a guess what people ask me for.) I personally don't do scat or play involving vomit. Thought of something but don't see it on my list? Ask me via the booking form.

Drugs and Alcohol:

I do not play with bottoms who are under the influence. Besides this being outwith my risk profile - it makes no sense to me that you should wish to dull your senses during what can already be such a wonderful experience. Your body has all the dopamine, serotonin and oxcytocin you need - and I know how to tap in to make you float. If you use poppers, please be aware that this has a dangerous interaction with medicine such as viagra.




What happens in our sessions stays strictly between you and I. If you personally request for me to make images for you during our time, we will discuss the details of that during our negotiation. Want to explore pain, but can't have any marks? No problem. I have plenty of creative ways to hurt you, that only leave a trace in your mind.

Can I be your personal slave?

I believe giving your submission on a more permanent, longer term basis is a commitment that takes time to build and cannot come out of the blue via an internet message. Loyal submissives who take their time to know me and show good strength of character might be considered for a position. I do look for filming slaves of any gender - you are welcome to contact me regarding this via the booking form.

Can we play without a safeword mistress? Just do whatever you want with me!


Communication is key - BDSM is communication. All my play comes with prior negotiation of your limits and boundaries, and expectation of you to let me know if something doesn't feel right for you. I will be keenly watching your reactions and we will establish how I can check in with you before we begin the session. This could be via protocol, traffic lights, a safeword, physical signals or hand squeezes if you prefer not to verbalise. I have so far never had to halt play with a guest, but I reserve my right to stop or pause a session if I believe it is necessary for your wellbeing.

For the record, I think that consensual non-consent is a valid, and very hot fetish that I love to play with, but this requires more discussion of motivations, desires and intention before I would decide to engage in it with you.



Native English/Einfach Deutsch.