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What does not kill us only makes us stranger...

Even as a teenager I knew there was something different inside me. I never liked to follow the rules. I was never satisfied to live the script that life had given me. I have always had the desire to transgress. I am fiercely independent in nature, with a distaste for given institution and a longing to cut my own path.


Of course, it isn't possible for us to wholly live outside the confines of society, and it is through the nature of BDSM that we can explore our shadow selves. My first experiences with kink were intense and intimate, and it is this same intimacy I wish to recapture, every time I play. I wish to be wholly present with you, sharing your secrets. To lead you, with my firm grip, into those altered states. Even in my sadism lies a heart of empathy, to give you the release you seek through suffering.


I have always been creative, at first studying arts, and in my spare time reading about society, gender, sexuality. Now BDSM is the craft I hone, and through it I channel this same creativity. With fetishistic textures, smells, the tone of my voice, sensations on your body, and toying with your mind.