• Domina Tilda Rose

Puppy Play with Mistress

Be a good puppy, I tell him, and my naked puppy makes cute whimpering noises at my feet. Good boy, I tell him. If the puppy is really good, I let the puppy near my shrine. Can you be a good dog for me, kinky boy? My puppy sub rubs his head against my feet, worshipping them. The puppy loves my boots and longs to lick them.

“Do you want to be my bootlicker, puppy? Do you long to lick the mistress' feet? Look at me!” I ask him. The puppy looks shyly up at his dominant. “If you can be a good puppy for the mistress, maybe I will let you lick them clean for me.” The doggy casts his eyes down again and whimpers. He moves his ass with excitement and his dog's buttplug moves side to side, pleasuring the hound from inside him.

The puppy enjoys it so much he starts to move his butt on the ground to massage his own prostate – but the domme catches him! I never miss a thing. I commands the puppy to stop, grabbing him by both his collar and leash and his anal toy. Strictly he is ordered into position, and each leg swatted with a crop to spread his legs further apart. I keep whipping my naughty sub dog, chastising him for masturbating himself without permission.

After the whip, I take the dog by his chain to the slave cage, where he is tied tightly and left in isolation. Disciplined with strict bondage to atone for his poor behaviour. My dog slave needs to be educated properly, to submit to me and for his pleasure and pain to be solely in my control.

The little prison is in the darkest part of the mistress's dungeon, where I also blindfold my pup and cover his hearing. He waits alone in the dark for his master, no sights or sounds. Complete sensory deprivation. He would beg mistress for any touch, no matter if it were cruel or sensual. He falls deeper into desperation, floating in a submissive mindset as he awaits his femdom's return.

When I finally show him the mercy, of removing his blindfold and taking him into the light, the pup struggles to contain his excitement. He tries to hide how hard he is, dazzled to look again at his domina's face. I purse my red lips at the puppy and ask him to open his mouth for me. He closes his eyes and opens his mouth, savouring every sweet drop of the mistress spit.

I takes him from the dungeon, and have him sit as my furniture upon which to rest my feet. The puppy boy is very obedient now, with his red ass from his spanking earlier. The dominatrix sometimes rubs her feet along the dog's naked back and he feels tingles along his spine – straight to his cock.

“You've been a good puppy now”, says the domina. Time for doggy to play with my feet. The puppy finally earns permission to kiss and suck her toes. “Now, use your tongue and clean them properly, my pet, or there won't be any milking before bedtime.”