• Domina Tilda Rose

What Does Your Tattoo Mean?

I get asked this *a lot*. For me, having a tattoo is in intself something ritual like and cathartic. I enjoyed the process of getting the tattoo, enduring the pain and going through the process of healing. I have always been interested in getting one, and it took me many years to decide what it was I finally wanted to have.

I have always been a big fan of the japanese artist Yayoi Kusama – she is OBSESSED with dots, and I think part of this may have influenced me. I went through some very big life changes before I got my tattoo, so although it does not have any literal meaning (i.e., “I like rock so I got a guitar tattooed on my body”) the tattoo in itself is very symbolic and important to me.

There are twenty-one dots in total running from my foot to my underarm. I'm still not sure if I'll get another tattoo – I absolutely adore them – but I've yet to have an idea like this that struck me so profoundly.

What about when you get old!

Well, then I'll be an old domme with a tattoo, and still happy with the memories of who I was and what I went through when I got this on my body.