• Domina Tilda Rose

What's it like to be in a Latex Bed?

I'm lucky to work in a studio with a dedicated latex room. The room is dark, lit with green lights, and the first thing that hits you is the smell. That particular smell of rubber. There is nothing quite like the sensation of latex, the way it envelops your body, it is almost a form of bondage in itself just to wear the latex clothing.

The vacuum bed is something completely different than any other form of restriction. The sound of the air fills your ears like a white noise. The mistress leans over you as the rubber slowly starts to bind you. You are completely immobilised in a way that no other bondage can. You are objectified, a piece of plastic, my rubber toy. Every part of you is vulnerable to me. If you are already wearing latex, your temperature will begin to rise as you sweat inside there, helpless. You'll fall into a deep subspace. And I will be there, to tease or torture you in anyway I please.